Consulting, planning, design

Machining – Machine park

Table scissors

Steel up to a thickness of 10 mm, stainless steel up to 8 mm, aluminum up to 12 mm, length up to 3 m

Folding bench (150 to./ 3m)

up to 20 mm thickness (depending on bending radius)

Notching machine

Rectangular up to 6 mm >90°, square up to 8 mm, 30×150 mm or longer

Band saw

Round steel up to 350 mm, rectangular tube up to 350 x 500 mm, round tube from 2 mm wall thickness, mitred cuts up to 60° Li + Re


up to 1500 mm
– over bed: D = 1,200 mm
– over support: D = 1,000 mm
up to 2500 mm length

Burning / plasma cutting

Steel 8-300 mm thickness, stainless steel 6-25 mm thickness, aluminum 5-25 mm thickness, format 1,500 x 4,000 mm

Centering machine

10th of a millimeter accuracy, table size 500×2,000 mm

Punching (100to.)

Work radius: max. 750 mm (workpiece edge – middle hole), up to 30 mm in sheet-metal with 25 mm thickness, up to 90 mm in sheet-metal with 8 mm thickness, various long-hole dies


up to 65 m length, up to 5 m width, up to 4 m height, up to 30 tons weight
Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, C-steels / fine-grained structural steels, reinforcing steel, castings, duplex materials, flame straightening as required


MIG/MAG, WIG, manual electrode welding


Work radius up to 1,500 mm, core hole drill up to 130 mm diameter, spiral drill up to 102 mm diameter, drilling and thread cutting up to M50

On-site installation

Maintenance and service


… safe and fast on the way to you

When shipping our products, we don’t make any compromises! Depending on the size and weight, the delivery is carried out either with our own trucks or with our contracted freight carrier, who optimally organizes and executes all the heavy and special transports for us.

Upon customer request, the shipment can also be carried out via courier, who was on duty 24/7.